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CIJ: Wordless Wednesday : Christmas Past

July 14, 2009

santa1  santa 2

                               santa 3



My Mini Me…

July 3, 2009

Meet my mini me.. according to hubby she is just like me  .  And yes she loves chocolate just as much as  I do.. 989 017

Wordless Wednesday: The cool kids..

June 30, 2009

989 001

989 004

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Children and their fascination with a scanner

June 29, 2009

My Kids were fascinated  with my scanner, apparently it took little to amuse them

*disclaimer* they were under supervision

This is the result..hands1 hand2

paw1   hand3  in order of appearance  1 ( 5yr old) 2 (9yr old) 3 (furbaby) 4(11 yr old)

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When 5 year olds take pictures..

June 28, 2009

 Ever wonder what a 5 year old would take a picture of.. well your looking at it

Different lengths of Fast Food French Fries..


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My Shopping buddy

June 26, 2009

I was out shopping today and this little grasshopper  was  right there at the check out with me..  It was no bigger than a thumb size  I know the picture is not all that  great but what do you expect from a cell phone cameraPhoto-0369 (2)

check out more  “creatures and nature “  at Geek Dad

Wordless Wednesday #3 Dream Vacation

June 17, 2009

2175006500_467caea45d_m                            2692032867_ec557a1678_m



Let’s make some memories…

June 14, 2009

It is Summer time and with the kids being home  and  they are bored.. Here are a few ideas for them to do  and create  memories at the same time…

Purchase a disposable  camera or let them use yours, let the kids take the pictures   with  some creativity  and some supplies from a craft store or a dollar store let the kids make their own scrap books.. the imagination is endless..

Purchase a note book..  or a three –ringed binder go on a nature walk have the kids record in their note book what they see and hear  for the younger ones that are unable to write yet take a picture of plants  or flowers and  put them in the note book for them with a short description..

Going to a Fair or Carnival this year? Find a photo booth and have everyone get in it and take goofy pictures. in the end you have one of a kind  book mark that can be used later in school..

Have a   camcorder let your kids become the director and make home movies

make some  digital copies and send to  relatives that  live far away..

For more tips and ideas check out the July issue of Better Homes and Gardens

TN_13-02-09_23MA                             TN_23-02-09_33RA


These are just some ideas  What can your family come up with?

Any Ideas  please comment..



June 11, 2009

 My Tween took this picture. She loves Dragonflies. it was just sitting there on the side of a wall

Photo-0342 Check out the MacroMoth at GeekDad