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A new Washer & Dryer :Yea in my dreams

April 12, 2009

As I look at my out of date , less efficient energy wasting washer and dryer, I think to my self ” It would be nice to have a new set” Every time we go to Lowe’s or some other Home Improvement store I always go to that section of the High Efficiency ,Energy saving mega washers and dryers, With all the laundry I do these days I’m not sure that my current Washer could not handle much more I swear I can hear it moan each time I put a load in. Yes it serves it’s purpose and my family does have clean clothes, Face it I need an upgrade with more room and more options on it than just Heavy Duty and Delicate. My dryer it has it’s moments at times it sounds like a mouse is trapped inside meaning it squeaks until its fully warmed up.Oh sure there are contests you can enter to win a brand new set but my odds in that happening are a million to one, and I’m pretty sure that no company would just give me a washer and dryer to test out in my house for my opinion and let me keep it after wards. So until the economy is better and hubby is back to work full time, I’m stuck with what I have which is better than nothing at all . But a New set would look nice in my laundry room … A girl can dream right?? Yes she can about LG’s or Maytags, and of course GE