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Has anyone tried the new Grilled chicken from KFC?

April 30, 2009

Today Hubby tried the new Grilled Chicken from KFC, He said it was moist and juicy, Had great flavor and was very mouth watering.
I would like to know your opinion if you have tried it
please let me know.
Thanks MidwestMom


Great Products

April 28, 2009

Have you  found a product or products you can not live with out?

I would love to hear about them  where ever you are from

Please feel free to comment

Thanks MidwestMom

Jergens Natural Lotion

April 27, 2009

I was recently given a sample of Jergens Naturals Soothe;Thanks to a dear friend of mine, now this little packet was not enough for me to fully test and try out ,So I went to the store and picked up a full size bottle;I have dry skin no thanks to the weather I deal with or perhaps it comes from constant hand washing 🙂
First time I tried this I could feel a difference in my hands they no longer felt like a desert and the moisture continued through out the day even after washing my hands and the scent is subtle and does not collide or over power my perfume,My hands feel soft and touchable again. Also check out there full collection of products there might be one that will captivate you
If any one has a comment about this I would love to hear from you


Hunter in a Farmer’s World

April 27, 2009

Hunter in a Farmer’s World , offers an insight about being ADHD in a world that is not ready to accept it, And how to cope and how conforming is not always the answer
Read more of Chris’s articles at Hunter in a Farmer’s World

Bill Stone explores ~~~ a TED video

April 27, 2009

Bill Stone Journey to center of the earth

Meow Mix Ocean Explosion cat treats

April 26, 2009

As a pet parent I like to give my cat treats,I figure us as humans like to snack so why not my cat,after all he is a member of this family too,The way I give him his treat also allows for exercise and attention,Since we have a hard wood floor I sit on it shake the bag and he comes running after it When I have his attention, I “slide” the treat across the floor and he chases after it,  It is both entertaining and fun to watch my cat indulge him self, And my cat has a preference to what treat he likes I have tried many and he only seems to respond to MeowMix cat treats This is a treat that I feel good giving to my cat, if it makes him happy I’m happy. For more information please visit MeowMix

Ocean Spray Craisins

April 25, 2009
I’m not a big fan of cranberries probably the only time I consider eating them is around Thanksgiving and Christmas, Well recently my doctor suggested that I eat more fruits and healthy snacks, That was like telling me that chocolate did not exist in this world, Also it was suggested to me that I find a snack alternative for my son who has ADHD, I limit his sugar intake and he is not a big fan of sugar-free products or fruit on occasion he will eat a banana it is a constant battle for me to get him to eat anything at all let alone something he feels falls into the “healthy good for you category” So I found Craisins by Ocean Spray they are sweetened dried cranberries. They are made with real fruit, good source of fiber , sweet but tangy at the same time
but not the type of tangy that makes you pucker,I purchased 1 bag to try, Wow I’m actually shocked they are not only delicious but have the right amount of sweetness , I gave each of my three kids a small portion of them and they came back wanting more, I went back to the store and purchased 2 more bags.I am definitely going to be a repeat customer and keep these on hand .OceanSpray

The Gallery

April 25, 2009

A friend of mine Chris who I connected with through Twitter, has a blog that focuses on ADHD amongst other topics started a gallery featuring my sons art work, this not only show kids with ADHD are talented but should be encouraged to explore their possibilities and be encouraged to follow their heart desire to become what ever they want, to read his blog and check out The Gallery please visit his site Hunter in a Farmer’s World

Finish Electrasol Automatic dishwashing liquid

April 24, 2009

When It comes to washing my dishes in the dishwasher I want the best and what is best for my budget.I was having a few problems with what I was currently using, such as I could not get any more out of the bottle when it was just about gone and no way to open it to “shake” it out, and the cost was rising and it was getting to the point where it was almost to much to pay for, So as usual I was looking for a bargain but did not want to go as low as a no -name brand, I did not get the results I wanted from them either, So while watching a TV ad for Finish automatic dish washing liquid I wanted to learn more about it and I was happy with the results I found and I went out and bought it , not only was it less than what I normally bought but there was no difference in the amount that it contained,I’m so pleased with it and the design of the cap allows me to open it and get the remainder out of it when it is about gone, At my house hold we wash quite a few dishes but only when the Dishwasher is at full capacity ,and yes my glasses and plates do come out with a shine ,Well on the package it states it contains Shine Boost Deep Cleaning Power,I do rinse off the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher but there are times that the kids put dishes in with out rinsing some of the peanut butter or jelly off of a butter knife or forget to rinse their cereal bowl
Kids will be kids. Here is a challenge for you if your not already using Finish (gel)~ put aside your current automatic dishing washing liquid for one day and try Finish and I hope you like it as well as I do.
to learn more go to Finish Dishwashing Liquid
also check out there money saving coupons while your there

V-Tech V-smile

April 23, 2009

Our family has an x-box 360 and a Playstation 2 which are played quite often, but for a 5 year old none of the games offered I felt were appropriate for her, So we checked into a few game consoles geared for children under 10 , We came across the V-Tech V-smile and I have to agree it was one of the best purchases that we ever made for my 5 year old daughter, not only do the games have characters that she likes but games that she can easily understand and navigate, and she is learning at the same time, each game has what age it is geared for and we go by that, some features include letters, vocabulary, observation and that is just to name a few, Since she enjoys playing her games so much we invested in The V-smile pocket which is a hand held game that takes the same cartridges as her home console which I like because we do not have to go out and by special games
The V-smile can either function with or with out batteries , Which makes it wonderful when we are in the car , or out and about
or it can be plugged into a transformer at home and she can play it anywhere in the house, I happy to have found something that is fun and educational for her