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My Mini Me…

July 3, 2009

Meet my mini me.. according to hubby she is just like me  .  And yes she loves chocolate just as much as  I do.. 989 017


Wordless Wednesday: The cool kids..

June 30, 2009

989 001

989 004

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Children and their fascination with a scanner

June 29, 2009

My Kids were fascinated  with my scanner, apparently it took little to amuse them

*disclaimer* they were under supervision

This is the result..hands1 hand2

paw1   hand3  in order of appearance  1 ( 5yr old) 2 (9yr old) 3 (furbaby) 4(11 yr old)

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When 5 year olds take pictures..

June 28, 2009

 Ever wonder what a 5 year old would take a picture of.. well your looking at it

Different lengths of Fast Food French Fries..


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MMM Monday…

June 15, 2009

 Kidlets eating lunch at  Wendy’s Photo-0349 (2)

Photo-0348 (2)



V-Tech V-smile

April 23, 2009

Our family has an x-box 360 and a Playstation 2 which are played quite often, but for a 5 year old none of the games offered I felt were appropriate for her, So we checked into a few game consoles geared for children under 10 , We came across the V-Tech V-smile and I have to agree it was one of the best purchases that we ever made for my 5 year old daughter, not only do the games have characters that she likes but games that she can easily understand and navigate, and she is learning at the same time, each game has what age it is geared for and we go by that, some features include letters, vocabulary, observation and that is just to name a few, Since she enjoys playing her games so much we invested in The V-smile pocket which is a hand held game that takes the same cartridges as her home console which I like because we do not have to go out and by special games
The V-smile can either function with or with out batteries , Which makes it wonderful when we are in the car , or out and about
or it can be plugged into a transformer at home and she can play it anywhere in the house, I happy to have found something that is fun and educational for her