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Ode to a House

June 17, 2009

I was searching  Google Maps looking for my child home where I spent  many of my growing up in  , Typed in the address I could not find it , so what I ended up doing was locating the local mom and pop store that was on the corner about 2 blocks away, and followed the road,  Mind you I have not been to this area in over 11 years.. My sweet Child hood home has had a complete makeover and the address has changed.. I had so many good memories on that street and in that home, I learned how to tie my shoes, Shot  arrows at bales of  hay  with  my Compound Bow for deer hunting practice  with my dad  (R. I.P.) … Planted many flowers with my mother and played in the yard with my dog Moose  who probably weighed  a pound soaking wet… Had my first crush on the Newspaper boy..   It was kind of sad  in away that is hard to describe. I continued down the street  a bout a block or two just to check out the rest of the neighborhood.. I all I can say is what a difference  a decade makes.. So to that  house that gave me so many memories I thank you and I will cherish them forever..



June 16, 2009

I think Karma has paid me a visit.. The day started off awesome I was tweeting with my friend Chris ADHD_Hunter and he was telling me that Times Square in NY was filled with people in lawn chairs asked if he had any pictures but did not have any so he directed me to Google Live Web cam Then I found Times Square So we both chose a place where He was close to a Live Web Cam and then I gave him my phone # He called me and while talking to him He waved at me I actually could see him.. That was way cool.. Then later on in the day I went to the Dollar Store and some where between there and home my wallet left my possession .. Had to cancel my ATM card, now I need to get a new Drivers license , Social Security card.. Yes all and anything that could identify me is all lost.. well whom ever took I hope you enjoy the 7.00$ in Cash .. And Hey Karma Gods and Goddess what ever did I do to deserve losing my wallet..???