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CIJ: One of my Favorite Commericals

July 30, 2009

I remember this commercial from Folgers..and it is one of my most favorites partially because my dad would make coffee Christmas morning and after we opened our presents My Dads Best Friend Hunting and Fishing buddy “Grandpa” Charlie would come over and bring goodies to me and Dad and Grandpa Charlie would drink coffee and play a game of Cribbage and I would sit on Dad’s lap sneaking a sip out of his coffee.. Ahh great memories..


CIJ: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

July 26, 2009

It has been at least 10+ years since I have had a White snowy Christmas.And Even longer than that for Mister Electrician.Sure Christmas in a joyous time of the year but just once I would like to see snow or have it snow on Christmas.Living in Florida we knew that was quite impossible. But now that we live in Missouri we usually see snow around January or February well in my 3years of being here. Yes snow is wet and it’s cold but it is oh so pretty to see  and how the sun glistens on it or even the moon light reflection upon freshly fallen snow.When I  lived in Idaho  my Dear Dad would go outside on Christmas Eve and make “reindeer” prints in the snow and Christmas morning he would show me that yes Santa Claus did visit our house.Those were some very memorable times. I guess I’m just wishing for the snow that way I can pass on the “reindeer” prints to show my own children.The two older ones may not be convinced but I’m sure that the youngest one would believe.And I’m sure that Dad would be watching from Heaven Smiling upon us and remembering the times that he would do that for me. So MotherNature if your listening please give me a White Christmas this year. Thanks 

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My Mini Me…

July 3, 2009

Meet my mini me.. according to hubby she is just like me  .  And yes she loves chocolate just as much as  I do.. 989 017

Children and their fascination with a scanner

June 29, 2009

My Kids were fascinated  with my scanner, apparently it took little to amuse them

*disclaimer* they were under supervision

This is the result..hands1 hand2

paw1   hand3  in order of appearance  1 ( 5yr old) 2 (9yr old) 3 (furbaby) 4(11 yr old)

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Ode to a House

June 17, 2009

I was searching  Google Maps looking for my child home where I spent  many of my growing up in  , Typed in the address I could not find it , so what I ended up doing was locating the local mom and pop store that was on the corner about 2 blocks away, and followed the road,  Mind you I have not been to this area in over 11 years.. My sweet Child hood home has had a complete makeover and the address has changed.. I had so many good memories on that street and in that home, I learned how to tie my shoes, Shot  arrows at bales of  hay  with  my Compound Bow for deer hunting practice  with my dad  (R. I.P.) … Planted many flowers with my mother and played in the yard with my dog Moose  who probably weighed  a pound soaking wet… Had my first crush on the Newspaper boy..   It was kind of sad  in away that is hard to describe. I continued down the street  a bout a block or two just to check out the rest of the neighborhood.. I all I can say is what a difference  a decade makes.. So to that  house that gave me so many memories I thank you and I will cherish them forever..

Let’s make some memories…

June 14, 2009

It is Summer time and with the kids being home  and  they are bored.. Here are a few ideas for them to do  and create  memories at the same time…

Purchase a disposable  camera or let them use yours, let the kids take the pictures   with  some creativity  and some supplies from a craft store or a dollar store let the kids make their own scrap books.. the imagination is endless..

Purchase a note book..  or a three –ringed binder go on a nature walk have the kids record in their note book what they see and hear  for the younger ones that are unable to write yet take a picture of plants  or flowers and  put them in the note book for them with a short description..

Going to a Fair or Carnival this year? Find a photo booth and have everyone get in it and take goofy pictures. in the end you have one of a kind  book mark that can be used later in school..

Have a   camcorder let your kids become the director and make home movies

make some  digital copies and send to  relatives that  live far away..

For more tips and ideas check out the July issue of Better Homes and Gardens

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These are just some ideas  What can your family come up with?

Any Ideas  please comment..


In Loving Memory on This Memorial Day

May 24, 2009

Memorial Day  is a Day when we pause to give thanks to the people  who fought for things we have, . Our freedom. Is the true meaning of  Memorial Day lost with  The Generation of  today, to them it might seem like a day to  have a BBQ and a 3 day weekend and go to the graves of loved ones and decorate , Although I could be entirely wrong, Memorial Day  is the Day to Honor  our Nations  Veterans both past and present, For many of us however it is a time of sorrow, remembrance  missing the family and friends we have lost over the years and the heartache  many still have, Our Veterans both past and present are the true American Idol. They gave  us their lives so many of us could enjoy our next   tomorrow. This started way before any of us were a part of this earth and to this day we still honor those that have  held their head up high and gave all they could. So today just take a moment to yourself  and  remember what you have and be thankful for it..

To all of those that have fought  for my  nations freedom  Thank you…

Top 10 Thankful Thursday>>>

May 21, 2009

What are you Thankful for today>>1 . I’m thankful I have a wonderful husband who loves me , . 2 I have 3 children who love me unconditionally , .3 I have a home to  keep my family  warm and dry, .4 To have food   so my children will never know starvation, 5 A mother that   understands me…6  Friends  just to know that someone cares,  7  Doctors or Nurse Practitioner that make sure we are healthy , . 8 eyes so I can see the beauty in nature… 9 I have freedom of speech…10 I am a women ….and I can vote…

What are you Thankful for…. Please leave a comment