CIJ: Near the End.. :-(

I had so much fun being a participant in the Christmas in July event with my fellow bloggers and friends Confettidreams and TexasBanter but the fun is not over quite yet there are still 2 days left of CIJ but still sad to see the event over.. Thanks so much too all my readers and friends that participated .. You all made CIJ a very memorable event..
and hope that you came across great ideas for when the magical day of Christmas arrives..



  1. 1

    Did sissy tell you what other events we might have planned? I’m so excited I could just burst!

  2. 3

    It is sad that today is the end. I had so much fun with it!! I love blogging with you girls!!

  3. 5

    Loved being a part of the Xmas in July Event! Many thanks for inviting us to guest blog! It’s really great to have all these super ideas, tips, crafts, delicious recipes, creative projects, gift ideas, and savings tips all together, for now and in about 5 month from now, too! Hard t believe it’s already time for school prep…but looking forward to the Back To School Blog Event!

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