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Pet First Aid- kit

May 11, 2009

Imagine it is late at night, Your fur baby is hurt or bleeding none of the Vet’s offices are open. First try not to panic I know that would be hard not to do I know if my fur baby was hurt I would be the first one to be freaking out. Well Luckily I have a first aid kit just for my pet this kit includes ~~ This is for a basic pet first-aid kit. For convenience, you may want to make one for your home and another for your car. It is also a suitable Disaster Preparedness kit.

* Sterile gauze pads (3″ x 3″ and 2″ X 2″) and gauze bandage rolls (1″ and 2″)
* First-aid adhesive tape, 1″ roll
* Cotton swabs (Q-tips®)
* Tweezers
* Scissors
* Plastic freezer/sandwich bags
* Small bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide
* Styptic pencil or cornstarch (stems blood flow from minor cuts)
* Antibacterial ointment
* Antiseptic cleansing wipes
* Kaopectate® or Pepto-Bismol®
* A current pet first-aid book
* Eyewash
* Eyedropper
* Mineral oil (a lubricant and laxative when given by mouth)
* Digital or rectal thermometer in a plastic case
* Leather work gloves (to protect you from being bitten)
* Latex gloves
* Leash
* Thin rope
* Splint materials (tongue depressor, 12-inch wooden ruler or thick magazine)

Place the contents in a plastic storage box, tackle box or coffee can with lid.

Pre-made pet first-aid kits are available for purchase at pet supply stores such as PETCO, pharmacies, retail and discount stores and on-line.
Thank youPetfinder for this helpful list<