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Being a good Pet Parent

April 18, 2009

Like most cat lovers I want the best for my pet and to make sure that my fur baby needs and wants are met.
Some people think that my cat is absolutely spoiled and yes I would have to agree. I clean and fill his water dish daily and put ice cubes in it for him so that he has cool water to drink, and with each holiday he has a themed mat that goes under his food and water dish like he really cares about that, When I first brought him home I bought Iams cat food only for him to turn his nose up at so after several brands later I figured out that he prefers 9lives. I bought him a fancy pet bed with all the comforts but he found a large wicker laundry basket and claimed it for his own and he only sleeps in that when I’m at the computer; but at night half of my pillow is his and of course he has a variety of toys to play with and once again he rather play with the plastic ring from the milk jugs. If you rather not share a bed with your beloved furbaby there are several places to buy one for a good price
Wal.Mart , Amazon or if you want to splurge Petco and Petsmart have really nice ones;
You are the furbabies Parent and only you with the help of your vet know whats best for your fur baby
and by all means take your furbaby to the vet for checkups ,vaccinations and have them spayed or neutered
Both cats and dogs alike love their owners unconditionally and can tell when their owners are upset and not feeling well; Love your pet( furbaby) they are not there for you to harm or hurt or abuse and be a responsible pet owner what ever pet you may haveMerlin

Place for pet beds Cozy Cat Furniture (link)