PR~ About & Contacts

Hello there I’m MidwestMom
Are you a company that would like to have your product tested and then reviewed on MidwestMom,
I’m open to all products that pertain to children newborn and up
and a good value for the money
I connect with quite a few stay at home mommies
and we are always looking for products that make our lives easier
and cut our cleaning or cooking time in half
and products for our children as well
I have a furbaby named Merlin any pet products that pertain to cats are welcomed as well

I often am asked where I find my products and how I like them
friends often ask my thoughts on new products that have recently been on the market and ones that have been out for quite sometime
I do give honest reviews

Products that I will review

* Any Products for Children

* Toys or Games  for  a child ages 5 and up

* Video Games for Playstation 2 and X-box 360, V-tech Vsmile

* Any cleaning products, house hold items

* Hair , Beauty Products

* Anything pertaining to a Cat ( No Dry  Cat Food) treats are fine

* Food Items

I will not review

Any Adult only  Oriented products

* Please understand that once you send your product to me
it will not be returned and not a guarantee that I will review it
If you have any questions or would like to have me review your product please contact me with product review   in the message box

email: idaho1073(at)yahoo(dot)com
twitter: @Blindfaith73

Most of my product reviews come from what I have already tried and used, In no way have I been compensated or have been given the product free from the company, These are my own personal opinions
and how I feel about them,
I will notify you as my reader otherwise When I am sent a product to test or review from a company.



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