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CIJ: Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick…~Review

July 22, 2009

Those of you who enjoy and Love Gummy Bears.. I have  the ultimate  Gummy Bear for you.. Thanks to VAT 19  purveyors of the curiously awesome products. They have  Gummy Bear on a stick  nearly 90X larger than the average gummy bear, and they come in several awesome flavors

giant-gummy-bear-stick-orange giant-gummy-bear-blue giant-gummy-bear-green giant-gummy-bear-pineapple giant-gummy-bear-red

and for  9.95 you can have your very own Gummy Bear on a stick

* Weighs  1/2 of a pound *  equivalent of regular   88 gummy bears


0812 012 0812 010  Just Imagine the delight in your child’s eyes when they go to their Christmas Stocking  to find one of these..Something they will truly and enjoy and it would be  a unique  stocking stuffer. for more information  go over to VAT 19 not only do they have Giant Gummy Bears on a stick they have gift  ideas for  just about every member of your family

* my thoughts* When I saw this I was in awe, My children’s eyes were as big as saucers and with their mouth’s drooling to get a taste, yes this was a good enough size for me to split and share among 3 children. With each of them savoring  their piece of  the Blue Raspberry gummy bear on a stick. I of course had to taste this for my self and  I found it quite delicious and the flavor is just right.. it was truly savory and quite good..and mess free which is a plus in my house..



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July 17, 2009

We have a new blog so if you like what you have seen over here at MidwestMom be sure to check out Hmm-sweet-splendid-wisdom..

Christmas in July~Christmas Movies,Commericals and more

July 6, 2009

Our friends at 3669446003_d33294eb18_m  Have a collection of Christmas  Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Commercials and More… What a better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to watch a  Christmas Themed Movie.. Fan of the HallMark Channel?, Has a Listing of  When each Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie will be on..  Every thing at is family friendly and all about Christmas. Check  them out and start getting your self into the Christmas spirit.. it is never to early..

Check out Retro Christmas Commercials at TexasBanter..

Piggy Paint Review.. and Giveaway(Contest is over)

June 30, 2009

piggy paint logo Are you looking for a non-toxic finger nail polish for your little princess.. Then you will want to check out Piggy Paint..

tn It is designed especially  with little girls in mind, no odor non-toxic water based  made with all natural ingredients and even the polish remover has no odor that is usually associated with regular nail polish remover. My girls and I received a shiny golden color called Dandelion Dance..So easy to put on and remove.  My daughter say’s Mom there is no stinky smell and it so easy to apply that she was able to do it her self with supervision of course.. piggypaint  and here is why PiggyPaint is safe ( taken from the site)….Piggy Paint™ is specially formulated from God’s natural ingredients and dries to a hard, durable finish. There are no toxic chemicals; it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone

Click here to compare Piggy Paint against other nail polish. and they come in a variety of colors…picbottles Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint™…it’s as Natural as Mud!

Ingredients:Water, water-miscible acrylic resins and thickeners (well below 100 parts per million), glycol ethers. May contain mica, D&C red lake, ultramarine blue, iron and titanium oxide pigments.

To Apply.. Wash hands with warm soapy water  , dry

Apply  2-3 coats ( we applied only 1 and it covered  the nails quite well, which is unusual for  a child’s nail polish)

Air dry for 60 seconds.. or blow dry on low heat(For safety reasons please follow manufactures instructions on the blow dryer and always monitor your child)

The PiggyPaint polish remover is also non-toxic safe to use and contains none  of the solvents that could offend your nose  or harm the atmosphere , Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are added remover_three_spp

With Christmas coming sooner than you think , This would be a great product for your little princess (es) and  Piggy Paint is offering  a coupon code for  those of you that would like to purchase this all natural  polish and remover 

My Thoughts: I absolutely love this  so easy to use and I’m thankful for no odor, my daughter is happy with it , I’m quite pleased with it also it is easy to remove from skin and clothing as I found out by my daughter getting some on her clothes and it is safe  to use and great for the environment I highly recommend  it..

Here is your coupon code MIDWEST15L and is for immediate use   for 15% off for anything on their website ( expires) August 31st 2009. Spend over 25$ and domestic shipping is FREE!!!

 And it gets better : There is a give away   you can enter to WIN and be eligible for a 20$ Gift card to be used at  PiggyPaint

* Main Entry*  Go to the Piggy Paint shop and leave a comment about your favorite color or gift pack ( *This is required to enter*)

*Additional* entries

1  add  the Christmas in July Button to your website.(leave link where posted)

2 add 1 of  the MidwestMom buttons to your website ( leave link where posted)

3 Follow PiggyPaint on twitter

4 add  the PiggyPaint button to your website (leave link where posted) >> button is located at the top and on the side bar)


Contest begins July 1st 2009 at 1 (am) Central time and ends July 8th at 1(am) Central time, at which time a winner will be chosen and  you will then receive an email from PiggyPaint with your prize, Only  (5) entries are allowed per person  leave (1) comment  for each entry ( PLEASE LEAVE SOME SORT OF CONTACT INFORMATION IN CASE YOU WIN) IF NO CONTACT IS PROVIDED I WILL HAVE NO WAY TO CONTACT YOU AND THE NEXT ELIGIBLE PERSON WILL BE CHOSEN!!!

Winner will be chosen by

Spend Less TV….

June 25, 2009

Admit it we all like to save money and with the way things are today saving money is not easy to do.. Unless you know where to go. Well This saving savvy site SpendLessTV has  videos that you can watch right on you computer with tips and tricks  to help  you save  and all of them are FREE.. yes  FREE

So take the time  to check them out and  save  your self  money..

also check them out on twitter SpendLessTV~ Twitter 

This site has been MidwestMom  approved

Have you visited  SpendLessTV ? if so leave a comment.

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Top Ten

June 7, 2009

Do you have an idea for a  top ten list, and want to share it with other people .. Well Here is the perfect site for you..Top Ten> Top Ten

Make your own list, sign up and your on your way to sharing your very own  Top Ten list.. David Letterman is not the only one who can have their own Top Ten List

So what are you waiting for??..  be sure to read the  TOS before posting Check out TopTen On Twitter

Have fun..


New Addition to Contest and Giveaways!!

June 1, 2009

Here at MidwestMom we love contests So I have added a great site that will take you directly to contests and giveaways.. For your viewing pleasure  it has been added to The side bar under Contests and to the Contest and Giveaway page. Check out the contests on Free Stuff Times Contests ~~~~ fstimes on twitter







Fab Finds Widget

May 22, 2009

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1000 Awesome Things

May 21, 2009

Do you know of something that is just AWESOME?
If so this is the place to check out 1000 Awesome Things

John Frieda Root Awakening

May 10, 2009

Thanks to Bzzagent
I was given the chance to experience an invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner from the John Frieda Root Awakening Collection, While in the process of Lather rinse repeat a tingling sensation over came my roots and hair like a drill sergeant yelling at his cadets to stand about face . My hair has been through mother hood, perms , numerous colorings and many heated styling tools. My hair frizzes when there is the slightest humidity in the air, On goes the frizz control gel, Mousse etc, Which means another pony tail day Well after 2 days of using The John Frieda Root Awakening no frizz no pony tails, I can let my long thick hair flow and with a shiny healthy look. I will buy more and I can actually say I love my hair.

Have you tried The John Frieda Root Awakening Collection
I would love to hear about it