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I am a Stay at home Midwest Mom I was Raised and Born in the Great State of Idaho, I have 3 Beautiful Children and 3 Beautiful Grand Children Married To a wonderful man From New Jersey who is an Electrician and I have 1 fur baby Named Merlin . I ‘m always looking for a good bargain and ways to save money to ensure that my kids have the best

My hobbies include antique & bargain shopping, spending time with my family and taking pictures of them. Helping out pets in need. .I’m here to give reviews on products that I have tested ,I give my honest and upfront opinion. I love to cook and if I find a product that will cut my time in half or reduce the time I spend cooking so I am able to spend more time with my children, I will buy it and try it. I prefer a clean household and having a product that does not require a lot of time to work I will use it I want to get the job done the first time and not have to use it over and over besides that is a waste of money. And I prefer to save a buck then waste it on something not worth it.
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  1. 1

    Hi – I’m returning your kind bloggy visit. You know TexasHeartland? I love that girl and her twin! I’ll add you to my Twitter list too! Hugs, Linda

  2. 3

    Hi MidwestMom,

    I am Mid-west born and raised (Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois). My diabetic kitty of 17 years passed 6 months ago so I am would like to help out all and any kitty’s have better and healthier lives. I appreciate very much your links for clicks for animal food and may implement something similar on my blog (with credits to you!).


    Thrifty Daddy (Jeff)

  3. 4

    oh the loss of a fur baby hurts, I’ve been there giving me credit is not necessary I just do it out of the kindness of my heart, It would be great for others like your self to put up the links the more clicks we get the better, *hugs*

  4. 5
    Norman Worley Says:

    I was tweeting and looked up the worley’s. I am in SD original from georgia. Anyway just wanted to drop you a note and say hello.

  5. 6

    Hi Norman,
    Hello back to you….

  6. 7

    Enjoyed your blog. I am new to blogging and looking for ideas. This blogging world is crazy, serious, FUN stuff!


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