CIJ: No snow = No Snowflakes.. No problem

So you live in an area where there is no snow?  No Problem bring the snow flakes in doors by making your own. With some White Construction paper , scissors and imagination voila’ instant snow flakes

a wonderful place to start  is SnowFlake Instructions this will give you the basics on how to make your very own snowflakes, Ok so you don’t feel like cutting out snowflakes or you just don’t have the time. Well several stores Like  Dollar Tree has little to huge  snowflakes that  have glitter on them  and easy to hang. Most of your craft stores  should carry them as well.. Buy several sizes and hang them from your tree, ceiling and bring the joy of snow flakes into your home.. You can even use Felt instead of construction paper this way they last longer and you can reuse them over and over each year, add some glitter or spray fake snow in can ( what you might spray your tree with)snow the only down side to snow in a can is that it is messy so it is best to do it outside..

but most of all have fun have your self a snowflake making party and Have a Happy Holiday..




  1. 1

    When I used to work at a daycare, we always did paper snowflakes at Christmas and would hang them up on the ceiling like it was snowing in there. It was so cool and so much fun!

    While I would love to have a can of Snow for the windows, Zeus likes to lick windows in the Winter so that kind of sucks. So I guess I can dream of snowflakes, and I won’t even complain if we get some ice this Winter!

    • 2

      Yea I have caught Merlin licking windows too, He likes to lick the condensation on Soda bottles after they just come out of the fridge.. I tell ya our furry babies are just strange ..

  2. 3

    Like you suggested, we could definitely do it outside!! And you know what would look gorgeous? If you have a wide window sill inside, get a few fake candles (the tall ones) and put them on the window. The glow will illuminate the “snow” and look absolutely beautiful!!

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