Okay, So What’s All This “Xmas in July” Really About, Anyway?

Some people might think that “Xmas in July” is nothing more than a sales ploy…an attempt to create more consume, consume, consume.  But we at Spend Less TV don’t look at it like that.  During the holiday season we find we’re often dashing around at the last minute frantically trying to pull something together for the inevitable friend or relative who was inadvertently left off the list, or the surprise out of town guest who shows up on gift-sharing day, or the grab-bag party that suddenly falls on your lap to host.  That’s where “Xmas in July” comes in.  Why wait for the last minute? What better time than now to snag that fabulous holiday outfit, plan for DIY projects,  get set with accessories to set a festive party table  or create a welcoming front door wreath? And planning ahead means you can take advantage of off-season reduced prices, cut down on impulse spending, and have fewer parking space confrontations on Black Friday.

To celebrate Xmas in July with MidwestMom, and hopefully spare you some last-minute frantic grief, Spend Less TV has made these festive video links available exclusively to the friends of MidwestMom…We know you’ll love not only the savings tips in these videos, but also the creative ideas and festive mood they set…we can already smell the chestnuts roasting in an open fire….

What are some frantic last minute chores you’d like to avoid this coming holiday season?

Use What You Have to Decorate for Holidays – Andie Huber, Editor, Good Housekeeping

Handmade Gifts – Kim Danger, founder of Mommersavers.com

Holiday Decorating on a Budget – Interior designer, Lisa Canning

Decorating Budget Tips – Kelly Edwards, from TV’s “Design on a Dime”

Marshmallow World – Surprise Musical Treat



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    Thanks for sharing my link MidwestMom! I was 5 months pregnant during this video, I’m so glad to have my little bump on video. Enjoy and thanks again, what a great blog you have.

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