Tell that baby to come already!

Belly of a woman in her 34th week of pregnancy. 

I often come across pregnant women who are past their due date and just can’t wait any longer for their little ones to be born.  Being in your third trimester can be really uncomfortable and you just want to hold your baby in your arms already!  I’ve compiled a list on how to induce labor, naturally.  Hopefully it can help you, or someone you know that is pregnant. 

How to Induce Labor Naturally!



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    I know that the 3rd trimester is the hardest and I have gone past my due date only once. I was not a happy camper either..

  2. 2
    Justin Says:

    Nice post. That was very informative!! I hadn’t heard all of that before, so I don’t really know what to say lol. Anyway, I like your site a lot. I’ve been skimming around, and I like what I see. Nice layout too. 😉

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