Monday Mayhem

Today I took all 3 kidlets to the Dentist for their check-up and cleaning , While waiting for our turn My son along with two other boys his age convince my 5 year old that the Dentist is going to drill her teeth with a drill the size of the length of their arm. Now mind you this is all being explained by 8 and 9 year old boys to a 5 year old little girl . So you can only imagine what is going through her mind. I try to set the record straight and tell her that the drill is not that big and more than likely she will not be any need for a drill today.. Then she proceeds to ask me if the Dentist has a drill the same size as her Dad’s drill. Which he uses a Commercial Professional Grade Craftsman 19.6 V Hammer Drill. I tell her once again no honey it is not that big or as large. So she goes on her merry way playing with the toys provided and occasionally glances at the magazines while we are waiting our turn to be seen. Finally They call her back along with her older siblings . Her two older siblings are sitting in Opposite rooms in the dentist chair. Being examined and having x-rays taken. My 5 year old freaks thinking it is some sort of laser okay no more Sci-fi movies for her. She clutches my hand tightly and asks if Her sister and brother are going to be okay . Big tears are streaming down her face and just the look of the Dental assistant I could tell that I needed to get her to relax. So about 20 minutes later it is finally her turn . The Dentist asks her to sit in the chair so she does535043470_5283b427b9_m

Then he put on his mask well that sent her over the edge so I had to put her on my lap so he could take a look inside of her mouth. Not Happening it was like what you see on TV when Animal rescuers are trying to capture an Alligator. So I say to her just open your mouth and it will all be over. She opens her mouth part of the way just enough for him to look and that was it. When it was all over she just about squeezed the life out of me with tears running down her face smiled at the Dentist and apologized and said “Next time I will be better” awe how sweet. He handed her a new Ariel toothbrush and toothpaste and told her to brush and see you next time. He was really nice about the whole thing.So That was my Monday How was yours???…


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    spendlesstv Says:

    After my own traumatic experience at the dentist as a young child, I was determined that this would not happen to my kids. Fortunately the dentist we choose felt the same way. When the kids were as young as 2 or maybe even younger, they would come with me to my own appointments and sit on my lap so they could have “their turn”. And we would sometimes stop by the dentist’s office just to sit in the chair and say, “Ahh”. Sometimes they’ll let you do that just to begin to ease the anxiety kids feel. The dentist never insisted on their being in the chair on their own for “real” exams until they were well able to do so without any fear. It was a great start for them. It sounds like your dentist is sensitive and perceptive…and knows when to not push too fast. Now, all you need to to is relieve your OWN traumatic anxiety from the crazy day!

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