Places I have lived…

Ok so I’m not at my most creative stage today, and the weekend just kinda just flew by and not much accomplished partially due to the fact my sinuses are acting up and this rain we have had lately does not help..
So I’ve decided to just tell you a little more about moi and if there is anything you would like to add about your self please do so..
This is a list of places I have lived starting where I was born to the present.
Boise, Idaho ( Birthplace) also the Capital of Idaho Great ski resort called Bogus Basin,,boise Picture is of Downtown Boise

Middleton, Idaho was a great town not sure about now have not been there in over 11 years
Nampa, Idaho most of my child hood was spent here
Caldwell, Idaho and did a lot of growing up here too..
Emmett Idaho only lived there for about 18 months and still keep in contact with High School friends from those days..
Twin Falls, Idaho The Shoshone Falls are known as the Niagara Falls of the west..090 The picture you see is of the Shoshone Falls

Bend, Oregon very beautiful and very cold in the winter
Brooksville, Florida not far from Weeki Wachee Springs state Park Home of the Live Mermaid show Live Mermaid Show

Cape Girardeau , Missouri a college town and close to the Mississippi River.
as you can tell I am a native Idahoan born and raised you can take the girl out of Idaho but can’t take Idaho out of the girl I will always refer to Idaho as home,, my heart will always be there..



  1. 1

    Wow! You’ve lived all over Idaho. I’ve mainly stayed in one spot lol I would love to visit Niagara Falls one day. I bet it is simply gorgeous!!

    • 2

      yea we moved quite a bit around Idaho due to my mom’s job she was a CNA (certified nurse aid) and when she found better $$ we moved, I miss Idaho hope to go back there some day soon,, Bridget was born there too in Nampa, Michael in Oregon and Danielle in Florida..oh and the Shoshone falls are so beautiful when they are running at full speed on a nice sunny day a huge rainbow appears over it, so pretty..

  2. I’ve never moved alot….born and raised here in Cherokee, NC, WENT TO n.c. State University in Raleigh, NC….then back to the Rez.

    Great photos.

  3. 5
    esperd Says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing

  4. 6

    You’ve just lived all over the place! And believe it or not, I’ve actually heard of the Live Mermaid Show, thanks to TV!

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