Choose the best name for the blog

It seems like none of the previous ideas were a hit so keep those ideas coming



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    I personally like Midwest Mom!

  2. 3
    esperd Says:

    I saw “Double the Honesty” and thought it said “Double the Honey” and wanted to scream “That one”!

  3. 4
    esperd Says:

    Too bad we can’t somehow say “Midwest and Southwest Mom” something to the effect of that combo?

  4. 6
    esperd Says:

    Ooh cool!Can we change the stout to something more fun?
    I’m trying to think of one but can’t… maybe one will come to one of us?

    • 7

      ok the Midwest is called the Heartland what is the Southwest Called???

      how about Heartland Fiesta eh I don’t know

  5. 8

    C’mon ladies – you can do better – think, think, think!! What’s big in the Midwest and what’s big in the Southwest — take the best and combine somehow so you have the best of both of you. For example (and this basically sucks, but it’s still early in the day) the Midwest is known for Corn and the Southwest is known for Peppers so you have Peppercorn or something equally dorky like The West of Us. Maybe I should just stay out of this and let you experts come up with something. Whatever u do, I can’t wait to read the results! Hugs!

  6. 10
    Hikebure Says:


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