Yummy ~ Icy Orange Drink

Summer rears its ugly sweltering heat and  you just want to stick your body in the freezer or stand in front of the A/C all day.  Well you would not get much done if you did that .. So here is a great drink to cool you off..

Icy Orange.. Drink

** Ingredients**

1 Can (6 ounces) Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate

1 Cup of Cold Water

1 Cup of Milk

1/2 cup of Sugar

1tsp pure vanilla extract

10-12 ice cubes

(mint sprigs) Optional

* To Make*

In a Blender pulse all ingredients  until mixture is very foamy and ice is crushed into small pieces. Pour  orange juice mixture into 4  cups (garnish with mint) optional

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  1. A liquified creamsicle.


  2. No I haven’t. Do you buy those in the frozen fruit section?

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