I think Karma has paid me a visit.. The day started off awesome I was tweeting with my friend Chris ADHD_Hunter and he was telling me that Times Square in NY was filled with people in lawn chairs asked if he had any pictures but did not have any so he directed me to Google Live Web cam Then I found Times Square So we both chose a place where He was close to a Live Web Cam and then I gave him my phone # He called me and while talking to him He waved at me I actually could see him.. That was way cool.. Then later on in the day I went to the Dollar Store and some where between there and home my wallet left my possession .. Had to cancel my ATM card, now I need to get a new Drivers license , Social Security card.. Yes all and anything that could identify me is all lost.. well whom ever took I hope you enjoy the 7.00$ in Cash .. And Hey Karma Gods and Goddess what ever did I do to deserve losing my wallet..???



  1. 1

    I am so sorry that happened! If it makes you feel any better, I need a new drivers license! I losted mine!

    • 2

      I will look in my BOS for something… perhaps the person who found it and did not turn it in wishes he/she did when I’m done, but no harm will be done of course

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