Name the Blog Contest and Giveaway..

MidwestMom is going self-hosted in the next few months

so  here at MidwestMom we  want you to be involved..

Leave a comment  about what name you would like us to have

There is going to be 2 moms involved in the new blog

That’s right the  two of us My co-author Esper  and I are combining both of our reviews , ideas and input .. into 1 blog that represents  both of us..

* The Prize* a 5$ Amazon Gift Code

*The  Rules*  Only 1 comment per person/email address ( leave a way to contact you in case you win)

this ends July 1st 2009 @ Noon CST

at that time all ideas will be put into a poll and the winner will be chosen from the results of the poll.. provided by Poll Daddy




  1. 1
    Patti Bright Says:

    Okay, Hope I am doing this right…Here’s a name suggestion

  2. 3
    esperd Says:

    I’m just throwing a random one in, not to win, but to hear feedback.

    Crazy Mamas!

  3. 4
    esperd Says:

    And a big thanks to all who enter and vote!

  4. 5

    I know there are some creative people out there some where…

  5. 6
    Tracy Says:

    ‘momsmergeblog’ Mom’s Merge Blog, checked online and couldn’t find it anywhere, so should be safe! 🙂

  6. 7

    wanting just comments on this one,,
    How about True Moms

  7. 8
    OhioMom Says:

    How about “TheView2” = The Various. (&) Interesting. Experiences. of Women X2

  8. 9
    Amy Bradshaw Says:

    How about “Double the Honesty: Real Reviews from 2 Surreal Mamas”

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