Have some courtesy for others…


Is it not  annoying  when in the grocery store and some person is yakking away on their  cell phone  while in the middle of the grocery store aisle

If you must answer that all important phone call when your shopping then please have the decency to get out of the way or  pull your cart to the side and have your conversation, and If some one says “excuse me please” Don’t give them a look like Who do you think you are.You are the one who is being  some what rude not them..  most people  just want to  get their groceries and get out and not have to  go around some one that is talking so loud on their cell phone that the whole store can hear about who is sleeping with who or where the next hook up is ..etc ..

or if you happen to see some one in the store that you know   hug them or what ever  and move over .  Oh I’m quite sure some or most of us   might  be  guilty of this at one time or another. but next time your buying your groceries  or shopping for clothes,, just think  how it may effect  others and get out of the damn way..

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