Do you like makeup?

sexy-eye.png makeup image by kctara07

I think most women like makeup, and most of us like it at very good prices!  I just purchased some things from e.l.f. and am amazed at all the great deals they have, all at only $1/piece!  I wrote up a guide of some cheap eye makeup you can purchase this summer to create a new and summer look:

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Best Cheap Eye Makeup Guide



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    I have never used e.l.f but I do love makeup and can spend hours in Sephora or at the local department store looking at all the goodies and trying on new things. Sometimes I get my face done at one of the cosmetics places just for fun (and its free although they would like you to buy something) – I come home looking so glamorous! For me the best makeup is natural – Bare Minerals works the best on my skin – I hate liquid foundation and how it clogs up pores. I found mineral makeup several years ago and that’s all I’ve used since (unless I have to get really tarted up to go out someplace special then the icky foundation comes out coz it gives a more matte professional look.) Cheers!

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    Sarah Says:

    Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

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