Ask the Expert… Electrician

Some of you may know that my Hubby is an Electrician and he is so graciously willing to answer any of your Electrical needs..
He has over 30 years in the trade Commercial , Industrial, Residential.. Don’t be shy just ask…



  1. 1
    trebenaid Says:

    I recently moved into an apartment. It is an older apartment complex, I am not sure how old, but at least 30 years old. One of my outlets sparks whenever I plug anything into it. No matter what it is. Subsequently I am afraid to use it. Is this really an issue, or is it common for an outlet to spark. I just hear so many horror stories about old wiring catching on fire. The apartment building itself seems to be well maintained. But I still don’t want to use this outlet.

  2. 2

    Hubby says…It is an issue, .. Have it checked out

  3. 3
    trebenaid Says:

    Thanks, I thought so…but I didn’t want to sound like a whiney baby to my new land lords.

  4. 5
    esper Says:

    that’s so kind of him. I don’t have any ?’s though 🙂

  5. 6

    Hi! Thanks for this opportunity! Two questions about energy-saving light bulbs:
    1) Do they make any that are skinny? We have old high hats and ceiling lights from 1950’s – 70’s in the ceiling and they won’t take wide bulbs. All the energy-saving ones are too big.
    2) Do they make dimmable energy-saving bulbs? We can’t seem to find them.
    Thanks again – looking forward to finding out about that!

  6. 7

    Hubby says yes they do make “skinny energy saving light bulbs” best place to check in an electrical supply house or a lighting specialty store,

    yes they do make a dimmer for an energy saving light bulbs but they are around 60-70 $$$ but there are no dimmable energy saving bulbs

    If you have any more questions please feel free to ask

    • 8

      THANKS! We’ll check a local electrical specialty shop – and let you know what we find and how much it runs out here on the US east coast! It’s cool to be able to ask electrical questions! It’s definitely one of the few things we would never attempt to do ourselves!

  7. 9
    James Gallo Says:

    I recently had an electrician replace my entrance cable to my home after a concrete truck broke the telephone pole and it in turn ripped my entrace cable out of my house. I had the electrician replace the 100 amp entrance cable with 200 amp and also replace the box. Soon after doing that, Our bathroom receptacles will nor handle a lighted mirror or a hair dryer. It does not trip the breaker at the box. It shoots a flame out of the hair dryer and pops the bulb in the lighted mirror. I called the electrician and he said that it has nothing to do with his work, but must be the house wiring to the bathrooms. The house was wired 30 years ago and we have never had this sort of problem in the past. I appreciate any help that you might offer.
    Jim Gallo

    • 10

      Master Electrician says ~ Without him personally going out there and looking there is no way of telling , It is possible that the wiring might be bad since the house is 30 years old most houses built around that time used nob and tubing, then again some wires may have been crossed in the electrical panel,.

  8. 11
    tim Says:

    Want to install two new 20amp circuits – GFCI breakers. In the past I have wired 2 20 amp regular breaker circuits using a 12/3 withground… and split all the outlets so each twingang outlet had one plug on each circuit. Can this be done with the GFCI breakers? Do you take the common neutral and pigtail it to both breakers? Does this cause both breakers to trip if there is fault on either side? Thanks….

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