Generation Gap

How much has a Generation Changed here are some examples of each Between my kids and I

Please share your Generation Gap



  1. 1

    Hey look, the Flintstones! Though I can’t say anything because I did love me some Barney. I’m the generation of Fraggle Rock and the Muppets. Gosh, do I miss those Muppets.

  2. 2
    saint3 Says:

    I just watched Star Trek last night. The young lead actor in the pic above was really good in it! Yes, it’s good to stay in touch w contemporary culture because it helps me to relate to my kids at work.

  3. 3

    I loved Fraggle Rock, cute show wish that my kids could of seen that show…..
    and The muppets the two older gentleman that always sat in the booth would crack me up…. wow such memories

  4. 4

    Just attempting to go to the movies is such as hassle , And with my 3 kidlets
    I will just have to wait for Star Trek to come out on DVD…..

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