Top 10 Thankful Thursday>>>

What are you Thankful for today>>1 . I’m thankful I have a wonderful husband who loves me , . 2 I have 3 children who love me unconditionally , .3 I have a home to  keep my family  warm and dry, .4 To have food   so my children will never know starvation, 5 A mother that   understands me…6  Friends  just to know that someone cares,  7  Doctors or Nurse Practitioner that make sure we are healthy , . 8 eyes so I can see the beauty in nature… 9 I have freedom of speech…10 I am a women ….and I can vote…

What are you Thankful for…. Please leave a comment



  1. 1
    esperd Says:

    I’m thankful that God has given me the capabilities to handle various situations.

  2. 2

    I’m thankful that I have you Esper as my friend, it has been nearly or just about 2 years since we met and you are a kind hearted person and a wonderful mother

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