$Tips on buying clothes on a budget $

With 3 kids and two adults on a one income family, Finding  Clothing within  our price range can be challenging, That is why shopping at places such as Salvation Army and Goodwill and The local thrift shops have helped us out, Just recently purchased 3 pairs of pants  for 6$ and it great condition. Not only does going to the Thrift Shops save money in your wallet it helps the environment as well,Yard sales are also a great place to find good used clothing.  Though if your the type who likes to keep up with fashion there are Boutiques that have clothing on consignment and most will be willing to work with you. Check your local ads for the stores around you and do some comparative shopping  even your High end Stores have great sales and with a little planning in advance  you can find  great out fits  with 75% off the original price , Though its rare  its been seen that some even have sales where items are 90% off, Shop for clothes out of season,  just before winter  stores want to clear out their summer items there you can find great bargains and stock up for the summer and  vice versa. The only time new items are purchased in this house is just before school starts, and when they need  underwear  and socks that is something that will never be purchased used, same way with swim suit and shoes. Once you start bargain shopping  you will see the savings add up.



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    esperd Says:

    OMG yes! I totally love buying from second hand stores. We have this awesome place here called Other Mothers (ooh I should write an article about it) and they only take acceptable looking clothing and they are so inexpensive!!! I love their trading thing where you get credit for their store for taking in other items. So much better than walmart.

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    Unfortunate in my area I have not been to a second hand store that will give you credit for trading in clothes, not that I have ever heard or seen anyways, That is wonderful thing that Other Mothers does

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