Rosie the Robot!!

Just today I was  trying to pay my cell phone bill, and I got the automated voice who apparently did not understand a simple yes or no. After several attempts  and redials . I was at the point of giving up I called again this time I asked for a live person not  Rosie Robot.Well I explained the trouble I was having  and the tech understood my frustration but proceeded to tell me there would be an additional $5.00 charge just to speak to him and give him my information and that the automated service was FREE!! Are you kidding me I have to pay $$ Money to a person that could understand me but it is FREE to get frustrated and   have a computer automated response piss me off. I guess the days of actually talking to some one  and not having to pay for are long gone and our childrens generation will never know the difference. For more cell phone ranting and raving please check out>>>>


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    Esper Says:

    that sucks lol!

    Its even worse when I try to say words in another language to a robot. Like here in NM we have a lot of Spanish and Native American words for streets and buildings. So when I call 1800Goog411 and say Isleta or Hacienda, the computer is SO confused! rofl

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