WARNING!! Speaking my mind

My son and I were waiting our turn to be seen for  his monthly visit for his ADHD Medication . Well he is getting anxious and can not stop fidgeting and talking loudly, To which I say to lower your voice, well that lasted all about 5 seconds.I’m getting dirty stares from the other people in the waiting room, I can sympathize with them I figured most of them were there because they do not feel well , and the last thing they want to hear is a noisy child . But to make a comment as I’m leaving the room is uncalled for. They do not know that my son has ADHD or perhaps they thought that he is uncontrollable and I’m not capable of controlling my child after several attempts to get him to lower his voice. But he does not understand or does not quite grasp the concept of talking quietly.
He wants to be heard and will talk to any one that will listen to him.
But for some one to have the nerve of saying something about my child who they do not know is just messed up, So next time you are in the Dr’s office and a child of any age is just a little loud or bouncy keep your comments to your self, You don’t know anything about that child .


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