Ocean Spray Craisins

I’m not a big fan of cranberries probably the only time I consider eating them is around Thanksgiving and Christmas, Well recently my doctor suggested that I eat more fruits and healthy snacks, That was like telling me that chocolate did not exist in this world, Also it was suggested to me that I find a snack alternative for my son who has ADHD, I limit his sugar intake and he is not a big fan of sugar-free products or fruit on occasion he will eat a banana it is a constant battle for me to get him to eat anything at all let alone something he feels falls into the “healthy good for you category” So I found Craisins by Ocean Spray they are sweetened dried cranberries. They are made with real fruit, good source of fiber , sweet but tangy at the same time
but not the type of tangy that makes you pucker,I purchased 1 bag to try, Wow I’m actually shocked they are not only delicious but have the right amount of sweetness , I gave each of my three kids a small portion of them and they came back wanting more, I went back to the store and purchased 2 more bags.I am definitely going to be a repeat customer and keep these on hand .OceanSpray

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