Finish Electrasol Automatic dishwashing liquid

When It comes to washing my dishes in the dishwasher I want the best and what is best for my budget.I was having a few problems with what I was currently using, such as I could not get any more out of the bottle when it was just about gone and no way to open it to “shake” it out, and the cost was rising and it was getting to the point where it was almost to much to pay for, So as usual I was looking for a bargain but did not want to go as low as a no -name brand, I did not get the results I wanted from them either, So while watching a TV ad for Finish automatic dish washing liquid I wanted to learn more about it and I was happy with the results I found and I went out and bought it , not only was it less than what I normally bought but there was no difference in the amount that it contained,I’m so pleased with it and the design of the cap allows me to open it and get the remainder out of it when it is about gone, At my house hold we wash quite a few dishes but only when the Dishwasher is at full capacity ,and yes my glasses and plates do come out with a shine ,Well on the package it states it contains Shine Boost Deep Cleaning Power,I do rinse off the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher but there are times that the kids put dishes in with out rinsing some of the peanut butter or jelly off of a butter knife or forget to rinse their cereal bowl
Kids will be kids. Here is a challenge for you if your not already using Finish (gel)~ put aside your current automatic dishing washing liquid for one day and try Finish and I hope you like it as well as I do.
to learn more go to Finish Dishwashing Liquid
also check out there money saving coupons while your there


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