How could I not be proud

My 10 year old came home with a huge smile on her face and pulled out the local newspaper and proceeded to show me her name in bold letters under the “B” Honor Roll section of her school. The very same daughter that despises doing her home work tells her Dad and I that she does not understand math and would not care if math did not exist and why do I need math it is useless and pointless but she loves science and reading and hopes to one day become a scientist and find cures to what ever disease she can. Like me I frowned at my math homework and did not care for the fact of its existence , But I explained to her with out Math how would she know how to measure the chemicals in science or how to handle money, With a blank stare on her face and the rolling of the eyes she said I will just hire somebody to handle my money for me. Well that certainly is 10 year old thinking.But yes I’m very proud of her for pushing through and making the Honor Roll, even if she had not made the Honor Roll I would still be proud of her because I know that she does try to do her very best


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