As a mother of a son with ADHD this article has some insights


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    Chris Says:

    Your son’s teacher needs to understand that his fidgeting is a way for him to burn off energy and create enough stimulus so that he can focus. An understanding and informed teacher will allow the child some fidgeting, doodling or possibly even a “stress ball”. Is the school aware of his ADHD? Has he been taking medication?

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      blindfaith73 Says:

      my sons teacher does understand but there are other teachers just kinda deals with him and yes the school knows he takes medication and has ADHD and O.D.D
      The stress ball sounds like a good idea , I will suggest that to his teacher . See his teacher is more concerned if he is actually grasping the concept of what she is trying to teach him, he does really good in some areas . He expresses him self through his art and crafts. He was on Concerta and at first he did really well then he was becoming immune to it so the dr increased the dosage and it only made things worse
      now he is on Metadate CD and has shown a big and better improvement then when he first started on the Concerta but like with all Meds its trial and error

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