Why are people so rude

Are we just a nation of stuck up rude people or what?
Recently I was walking along with my daughter on the side walk
and her being her cheerful happy self was just singing along to her own tune, When 5 ladies were approaching us so we moved over to one side of the sidewalk to let them pass by us .One lady just took a look at my daughter and rolled her eyes and had the look of OMG on her face and whispered something under her breath, Well excuse me were not all here to revolve around you lady!! It was quite obvious this lady either has no children or a very low tolerance for them. Say what you want about me but please do not show your BS or your hoity toity attitude towards my kids . People who act like that have no respect in my book. I don’t care if your having a bad day or you have a stick up your ass or what ever the case may be
If you see a child on the sidewalk that is happy don’t mock them or disrespect them just keep you snide remarks to your self


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