So yesterday afternoon Hubby and I were folding laundry then all of the sudden, The sky gets very dark the TV goes to the Emergency Channel and then The Tornado Sirens start to go off, We live right around the corner from the Fire Station . We have the message flashing across our screen to seek shelter and go to the lowest level of the house or your basement, So The kids and I head for the basement and Hubby grabs the cat , The Sirens stop we here on the Emergency Channel that until 2:32 pm that there is a Tornado Warning for our area. We hear it starting to heavily rain and the wind is blowing quite hard. My kids are freaking out .I reassure them that they will be fine.The sirens go off one more time then stop, I go upstairs to find hubby and the storm has passed, With in a matter of minutes it was raining then sudden sunshine as if it never occurred. We could not see any damage but heard that surrounding towns had some slight damage,This is something you can never really prepare your self for. I ‘m thankful that it was not worse than it could of been.



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    Yuck! I’m glad to hear everybody is ok.

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