Manic Monday

No I’m not reliving the 80’s song but it has been hectic around here
kids coughing & sneezing I feel like I’m being pulled into 3 different directions, all 3 kids wanting mommy at the same time, and with the cough syrup, eye drops and fumes of vicks germs dont dare come to me and invade my space, I sanitized the house with Lysol, and used some what diluted bleach on all door knobs , light switches etc all places germs like to hide, But on a good note I think the kids are at the end of this what seems like this never -ending sickness/allergies . Hubby is working local tomorrow about 6 blocks away from the house so Dani and I will go and hang out with him for a bit and help him as much as we can, Ah the advantages of Hubby owning his own company. Have a blessed night and a blessed tomorrow


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