Nice day for the park

Finally it is Saturday both kids with pink eye are starting to look better and their eyes are clearing up and returning to normal, it is quite warm outside today, perhaps we will go to the park , play and feed the geese and ducks Danielle just loves that part when we feed them until they start to chase her, I have some house cleaning to do today and do some laundry, but that can wait its to nice of a day to stay inside. I got my Sargento’s House Party package I ‘m really excited about that for those of you that do not know what HouseParty is, This is a place where you sign up for parties that you would like to host and if chosen you will receive a House Party package with things to host a themed party, on a date chosen by HouseParty along with other House Party members across the nation
all they ask of you is invite at least 10 people, take pictures of the event, post your comments about your experience on the HouseParty blog and have fun,


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